Thursday, January 9, 2014


​The meetings have been going very well for about a month now. We have been meeting once every week, mostly Fridays or Saturdays and we have a Total of 6 girls! It's very exciting and through the process we've all become very close and one family, just like I wanted! I have finally reached my goal! Now that I think about it, my goal was kind of small, but it's the small things that count. Starting small and ending huge. That's how I want it to be. Where do I want to go with this exactly? I'm not sure. Time will show me and I hope my girls and I will grow together for a long ways to come. This turned out so much better than I expected. I'm surprised and quite happy! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Putting my plans into action

​I think my research would be good for anyone with my passion. I decided to start in the medical field because my parents have been telling me for years that it's a safe career path and this and that. So I know when you take up a career in medicine, it requires a lot of care and that brings me back to my passion of helping others. I decided to look into becoming a physician and I think I made up my mind. Not only does it incorporate my passion, but it also pays quite well. I think this would be a wonderful job for anyone who shares my passion.
​I have been able to successfully gather up a few Desi girls and I've decided to gather outside of school so we don't segregate ourselves from everyone else whil in school. We haven't met up at a set place yet but I hope we'll be meeting up soon. It's kind of hard working around everyone's schedules to find a time everyone can attend. It seems when we find a time another person can't make it. It's difficult but I think we can find a resolution. So for the next few weeks of the semester I will be working on finding a perfect time and day to meet up with these girls. :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Passion in my Career


  I don't really plan on pursuing a career off of my passion of helping people. My passion is very broad and can really just be used in any career. A few careers that would fall under my passion at an extreme level would be personal care,  health care administrator, teacher, human resource specialist, registered nurse, veterinary technician, and a social worker. I like the wide range of opportunities ranging from Medicare to education.
  I dislike the options, though. I kind of already have my mind set towards a few specific career options and one of them is to become a doctor of some sort. Most likely a family doctor because I can stay away from blood, or even a pharmacist is up to debate. I guess those career choices incorporate my passion because caring for someone, helping them stay healthy, and just being for them as a doctor really has to do with helping people. So in conclusion, my passion sort of makes my decision on my career just that much easier. Now I can identify my passion in my career and that's important to have a job that you enjoy doing. (:

Most Valuable Lesson

20 Time has taught many lessons from how to talk to authorities/officials to talk to my very own parents. The most valuable lesson learned so far would have to be problem solving. This project has helped me learn how to problem solve in so many ways. I had to get over my fear of talking in front of people and talking face to face with people. This used to be one of my many problems. Throughout this project I had to, and I mean I HAD to stand in front of groups of people and talk to them (for a grade). I learned that this has to be overcome in order to be successful in life. If you don’t act or look like you’re in charge then no one will really care about your work. You have stand up and be strong. This was a huge problem for me but even acting this part makes a huge difference in your results.This is probably my most valuable lesson learned because I think this will make me more successful in life, career wise.
This lesson will help me throughout the remainder of this project because I’m more than positive I may have to talk in front of many more people about this and even talking to a friend about it, gives you that much more confidence. You feel good knowing you got what you wanted to get through, and to some people they might be affected and others may not be. That’s another problem. You can’t expect everyone to feel that same way you feel or the way you want them to feel. You have to deal with that somehow because everyone is different. Another lesson learned. :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lessons Learned From 20 Time


In my process I am currently seeking help from the authority and I am trying to establish a club at school. I have completed my pitch day project and while coming up with a few inquiry questions and answers, I realized exactly what I was doing. Those questions were not only for others to understand my project, but they helped put the project into perspective for myself! Coming up with questions was pretty easy; I just thought of what the audience may be questioning about my project, but answering them was a bit more difficult. I had to really think on why I was doing this. Explaining that I was doing this just to help Desi girls feel comfortable as who they are, wasn't going to cut it. I had to go more into depth. I had to explain why I felt doing this was nessasary, why I picked this as my topic, what my topic had anything to do with me, and so forth. This helped me realize how much this topic meant to me and how it has so much more to it than what meets the eye and this made even more excited to share my inspiration with others. Through this experience I have learned that if I really put my mind to something, if I enjoy it, or have loads to say about it, that I tend to be more willing to put effort into it and more willing to get it completed in what seems like a quicker pace than usual. I know exactly what my pace is now, I know where I stand when it comes to such projects, and I know what I can accomplish in such amounts of time due to this project.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Contacting the Authority

I have not yet contacted the guidance counselor. I am planning to schedule an appointment today, if possible. I am also expecting to go with a fellow desi girl classmate to meet with the guidance counselor as I feel it would help plant my points and she could also throw in her own feedback because she knows my intentions throughout this project in depth.
              I think it will be a good opportunity to sit down and talk through the entire process and concept. Getting feedback from another desi girl's perspective is very valuable towards my goals and meeting with guidance counselor is a great opportunity to publish my ideas into reality.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Seeking Expert Advice

I have not contacted any authorities for my project yet, but I do imagine meeting with my guidance counselor in the very near future. I would like to consult with him and see if I could find a teacher in our school to help start a club. I also have to get my plan/idea approved by the school administrators. So at this point I basically have to contact my guidance counselor and see where I have to go from there. While I’m at it, I could also ask for his input and his advice on improving my idea. I want to see where I can go with this idea of potentially starting a club at school. I really just need his opinion on how I should go through with this plan and which route he thinks I should take in order to make this a success. I also need to take into consideration, how I’m going to advertise the idea throughout our school.